The Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The search algorithm. Hummingbird. This will come to mean a lot of things! No doubt, fast, responsive, quick, etc., but what else will hummingbird be as a product from the great and powerful Goog?

As of right now, the update is geared towards better understanding your query intent. Better understanding, then (ideally) would lead to better answers for your questions! So the idea behind the hummingbird, one would assume, would be to better understand the nature of how we all search, in order to return the best quality results, including a focus on natural language search, slang, internet terminology, and the structure of how people search in general. “Conversational search” as Google says.

So What?

For Google, this is great, because if they’re able to better understand your searches and what you’re actually looking for, then their job as a search engine is easier, is it not?

There are a ton of updates around this change that will (or will not) affect you or your clients. Depending on how your content is structured, whether you’re set up to answer the queries and questions that your audience will ask, and whether you’ve got the content that’s required for the task is entirely up to you!

In the meantime, Search Engine Land has put together a pretty epic list of Hummingbird FAQs for your enjoyment.

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