Brand Traffic ≠ SEO

While this may be a refresher or a no-brainer for many of you who have been exposed to SEO in the past, I wanted to point out the obvious but extremely important fact that as we provide SEO services for our clients, our aim is to grow, and refine our customer base.
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In other words, if we’ve got a client with great brand recognition, it’s great that we can pull in nearly all the traffic for searches with the brand name in it. The brand searches convert well as people know what they’re looking for. The issue is, what about the people who are looking for a product or service that our client provides, and don’t know the brand? There’s a huge potential here to leave a lot of money on the table and to completely miss all the benefits of organic search optimization.

An excerpt from the article:

SEO is simply another form of marketing that has the potential to bring in new customers. If your website isn’t showing up for keywords other than your brand name, you stand no chance of getting sales from those new customers. That means that you’ll be losing sales to your competitors who have done SEO.

If you’re not looking for new customers, then by all means, don’t do SEO. But in this economy, it’s the rare business that can sustain themselves through only existing customers!

All things aside, brand traffic IS very important. But it’s far from the only traffic out there.

For more clarification and a quick, simple anecdote to support this, check out Jill’s posting on TalentZoo.

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