Site Re-Launch! homepage shotHello all, it’s with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm that I now present to you the new Welcome!

The whole purpose behind this newly redesigned side (with LOTS more to come) is to more closely communicate my personality, hobbies, and interests, while offering my help and any professional wisdom I may have to throw your way.

You’ll likely find that the site itself is far more efficient than previous versions, allowing information visibility at a far simpler point of view, and at the same time, more complete scale.

There’s lots more to come, and it’s right around the corner.

Right now, the live portions of the site include:

  • The Blog - The blog you’re looking at right now, along with some recent posts, and some incredibly stale/outdated posts. Fun!
  • The About Page – Everything you need to know about me. At least for right now. My resume, some clients, and a few other cool things. Lots more cool things coming soon, so please, please(?) come back!
  • The Contact Page – A super simple form. Hit me up. I’ll be adding all sorts of additional functionality to this thing, so spam me while you can.

Coming Soon

A peek at what’s coming next on the site:

  • More detailed client listings – I’ll tell you what I did for each client, in addition to any agency I might have worked with for the client, what we actually did, and a host of other things.
  • More detailed project descriptions – I’ll tell you as much as I possibly can about my strategies for business, AND my strategies for PC performance domination. Check my PC builds here and lots of other nerd hardware info.
  • Hardware – Launching a specific feed for all hardware and parts that I’ve encountered in my experience.
  • Software – Launching a feed for all relevant software in my recent past.
  • Events – Events of life! All sorts of events!
  • Recipes – If you saw my resume, you know I’m a chef.
  • Reviews – Reviews of every single thing that ever makes it on this site. Awesome.
  • Music – I’m a musician. Obviously, at some level, I really want to share my work with you. But I’m pretty shy there soooo, you’ll have to contact me to ask.
  • Videos – Every video from everything on this entire site. There are a lot, I promise you. I’ve got a GoPro.

Thanks for taking a peek at the site. Any feedback is much appreciated! Leave a comment, or something! Check back soon and often to enjoy the most of the above listed awesomeness to come.

About Chris Tallman

Chris Tallman

Chris Tallman is an expert SEO Specialist with experience at several full service agencies. In addition to making the internet a better place, Chris is also a huge nerd who builds epic gaming machines.

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