Firefox 4 – Join the Party!

Firefox 4 is being launched using a live Twitter hashtag: #fx4, and each tweet will appear on a tiled mosaic in real time! Check it out.

Angry Birds Headed to the Big Game!

Rovio strikes again!  Angry Birds is going to be featured in a 30 second Superbowl spot.  In the ad, there will be a “secret code” displayed.  With the secret code, you download a secret level.  If you beat the level, you’re entered to win a trip to Rio de Janiero.  Pretty rad concept. The whole […]

Verizon + iPhone – It’s Time.

Announced (currently in press conference mode) today, in case anyone missed this.  Verizon iPhone due out next month or March. Hope no one has loyal ties to AT&T!  Yikes! Via The Consumerist. MobileCrunch Liveblog here.

Ben the Bodyguard

Yes, Ben the Bodyguard. It’s the name of a new identity protection service that launches in January for iPhone and iPod touch. Their site is in HTML5 and is very interesting and interactive. Very creatively done and informative. Check it out.

Mobile – a $1 Billion Business??

We all knew it was big, and still growing, but now, it’s official – we have a bar graph. AdAge predicts the mobile industry will be a $1 billion business by as early as next year.  Especially on the heels of a Google Announcement that they are on track to bring in that much in mobile ad revenue […]