Rel=Author, Rel=Publisher: SEO Today – The Ultimate Guide, Part One

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It’s an exciting time in search and internet marketing. We’re part of an unprecedented change in how people browse online and consume content – the social and search functions as we know them are converging aggressively. This post is part one of a three part series on how we foresee search engine marketers must evolve […]

In Google’s Eyes, Fresher Content is King

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Fresh content is rewarded in Google’s new algorithm update.

Google Flight Search Finally Takes Off

googla ita software acquisition

(no pun intended) A few months back, Google acquired a small software company called ITA Software. ITA Software is a developer of hospitality and travel software, and through this acquisition, Google has finally [today] launched Google Flight Search.

Brand Traffic ≠ SEO

seo brand traffic

Branded traffic is important, but it’s exponentially more important to realize the impact of chasing ONLY this traffic. Read more!

Google Making Huge Mobile Moves

google android motorola acquisition

Google acquires Motorola Mobility – a huge play for them! Check out why it’s a great move.