Rel=Author, Rel=Publisher: SEO Today – The Ultimate Guide, Part One

It’s an exciting time in search and internet marketing. We’re part of an unprecedented change in how people browse online and consume content – the social and search functions as we know them are converging aggressively. This post is part one of a three part series on how we foresee search engine marketers must evolve […]

In Google’s Eyes, Fresher Content is King

Fresh content is rewarded in Google’s new algorithm update.

Google Flight Search Finally Takes Off

(no pun intended) A few months back, Google acquired a small software company called ITA Software. ITA Software is a developer of hospitality and travel software, and through this acquisition, Google has finally [today] launched Google Flight Search.

Brand Traffic ≠ SEO

Branded traffic is important, but it’s exponentially more important to realize the impact of chasing ONLY this traffic. Read more!

Google Making Huge Mobile Moves

Google acquires Motorola Mobility – a huge play for them! Check out why it’s a great move.