Google Making Huge Mobile Moves

google android motorola acquisition

This morning, Google rolled out of bed and dropped a cool $12.5 billion on a new acquisition. Pocket change, right? Well, for the benefit they'll get out of it, yes. Google's had issues in the mobile hardware arena. The necessity for a hardware … [Continue reading]

Personalized Access to Facebook Pages

klout score example

Involver has just launched a "gating" system, in which brands can customize user access level on their Facebook pages based on their Klout score. Involver and Klout have teamed up and have developed a way to offer unique content and experiences to … [Continue reading]

iPad First Announced in the 90s?

captain picard ipad star trek

Was the idea for the iPad invented in the 90s? Did Apple have anything to do with it or were they just really good at watching & executing on trends? Or even stealing ideas? This is a rather lengthy video, and along with the amazing clarity, … [Continue reading]

This is the Kind of Talent They Hire at Groupon

So if we want to keep up in this game apparently we need to keep our peeps up to par. Who can do this??? … [Continue reading]

Death Cab – The Future of Music Video?

death cab for cutie interview

 This evening, something awesome is happening. So you've all probably seen bands attempting single-take music videos, and this phenomenon is apparently quite riveting to the general music video audience. So... So this evening, not only is Death … [Continue reading]