Content as SEO

content as seo

Search engine optimization: What does it mean? Those not extremely close to the subject of SEO can get quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there, not to mention the ever-evolving tips, tricks, and tactics put forth by industry … [Continue reading]

Rel=Author, Rel=Publisher: SEO Today – The Ultimate Guide, Part One

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It’s an exciting time in search and internet marketing. We’re part of an unprecedented change in how people browse online and consume content – the social and search functions as we know them are converging aggressively. This post is part one of a … [Continue reading]

In Google’s Eyes, Fresher Content is King

google search for chiquita

Many of you may remember hearing something a little over a year ago about some "caffeine" thing that Google was working on.  Caffeine was released last summer and was essentially a change in their indexing infrastructure - meaning the way they crawl … [Continue reading]

Google Flight Search Finally Takes Off

googla ita software acquisition

(no pun intended) A few months back, Google acquired a small software company called ITA Software. ITA Software is a developer of hospitality and travel software, and through this acquisition, Google has finally [today] launched Google Flight … [Continue reading]

Brand Traffic ≠ SEO

seo brand traffic

While this may be a refresher or a no-brainer for many of you who have been exposed to SEO in the past, I wanted to point out the obvious but extremely important fact that as we provide SEO services for our clients, our aim is to grow, and refine our … [Continue reading]