Site Re-Launch! homepage shotHello all, it’s with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm that I now present to you the new Welcome!

The whole purpose behind this newly redesigned side (with LOTS more to come) is to more closely communicate my personality, hobbies, and interests, while offering my help and any professional wisdom I may have to throw your way.

You’ll likely find that the site itself is far more efficient than previous versions, allowing information visibility at a far simpler point of view, and at the same time, more complete scale.

There’s lots more to come, and it’s right around the corner.

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Top Heavy With Ads? Still?

google top heavy fly swatter

Remember the original penalty in Google's page layout algorithm that would penalize pages that were top-heavy in ad content? Well, in case anyone missed that, or in case anyone brushed it off, the Big Goog was serious on this one, so you'd better … [Continue reading]

The Google Hummingbird Algorithm

google hummingbird

The search algorithm. Hummingbird. This will come to mean a lot of things! No doubt, fast, responsive, quick, etc., but what else will hummingbird be as a product from the great and powerful Goog? As of right now, the update is geared towards … [Continue reading]

Google’s Knowledge Graph: Instantly More Important?

number of searches with knowledge graph entries

Well it looks like there was some sort of an update recently in Google-land. According to a quick snapshot by Dr. Peter J. Meyers, it looks like the number of search results receiving knowledge graph results has greatly increased recently. This is … [Continue reading]

Rich Snippets and Microdata: SEO Today – The Ultimate Guide, Part Two

html source code example

To sum up Part One of the Ultimate Guide, the internet marketing industry sits right in the middle of an intense collision of search (as we’ve henceforth known it), social, and rich web experience. We’ve got the tools to inject our great content … [Continue reading]